Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 1 Part 2 The markets of Hong Kong

After breakfast he took me for a walk around the city. He imminently without any words exchanged between us understood I was not accustomed to this heat.  It was only 10:30-11 in the morning and the temperature was climbing fast. I found myself drinking constantly from the water strapped to my back.
Little Parks like this were common in Hong Kong
Even in the wee hours of the night I could see people
Playing music,preforming Thai Chi and just relaxing
I was struck with awe everywhere I looked. It had the feeling of a quaint little village combined with the convenience of the bustling city. The buildings all around my friend told me were Hong Kong's public housing. Back in the early days of British Rule all the homes were made of wood, then one day there was  a great fire, Everything burned to the ground. To keep order public housing was built. dozens of families would share a single bathroom.

We made our way into a building built like a warehouse, but packed with delicious scents of sea food. I have never liked sea food, the markets in america had always had a particular tang to them the so called "FRESH SEAFOOD SMELL" This was different.

Salted Fish, Before refrigeration, this is how fish were preserved 
Restaurants in Hong Kong Loved to showcase fish outside the shop

There were very few things that bothered me in Hong Kong. I did not have as much culture shock as I had expected. There was a nice blend of both eastern and western culture here. I remember taking pictures left and right  and I saw these turtles alive. They were all tangled up in a net how cruel i though.The stall owner imminently became infuriated with me when i pointed the camera. Luckily I was able to snap the picture.

In this market there was much more than just fish everything could be bought here almost like a flea market back or a farmers market back home.
This fruit i found was most exotic in English it is called
"Dragon Fruit"
On the bottom you can see Ginger. It is a common cooking ingredient
and also used as a remedy in Chinese medicine  

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