Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day 1 Meeting A Friend

After flying for such a long time, I found myself restless this first night. Excited as I was for the next day I was still terrified, every possible thing that might go wrong went through my head. My phone did not work outside of WiFi. The only friends I had in the city were people I had never met. Eventually I fell asleep only to wake up hungry drenched in sweat. The shear heat and humidity of the city was like nothing I had ever experienced.  The Hostel I stayed in had sort of a balcony where all the bathrooms and showers laid. I wish i had better pictures but I found myself going out onto the balcony on my sleepless nights and just laying in the hammock hanging there.

 I would just look up staring up at the endless skyline. I would say to myself I am in Asia, Hong Kong... I finally did it. I would smile laugh and wonder what my friends would say if i told them where I was.

This is the entrance
to my hostel it was on the 
third floor. 
The next morning I had plans to meet with my first pen pal, he was to meet me outside my hostel. I got dressed showered and prepared myself to meet him. I stood outside the hostel with only my camel back and my phone. Even at this early hour the heat of the day had begun to take its toll sweat rolling down my back. Questions rolled through my head with worry “I hope he speaks English well” “I hope my mandarin is good enough” “what if I loose him in the crowded streets”

I waited then to my left I saw a man about my height especially tan skin waving a fan to keep himself cool. Wearing nothing but a light T-shirt, shorts and worn flip flops. Uncertain I waved, smiled “Eric?” It was him and he spoke English with amazing. Flourish. With great relief I smiled yes It is so nice to meet you.

The city was so alive everywhere you look people were working tiny garages machine shops cutting pipes , fixing cars frying noodles everything you could imagine right on the street. Buildings towered above us but the sun still found a way to beat its rays on the back of our necks.  

Buildings are stacked quite high in Hong Kong People live
70 stories up

My friend took me this way and that our destination a very famous Din Sum restaurant, I couldn’t wait I was starving. However when we arrived the line was out the door people waiting for hours just to eat here. So we decided to go else where.  In Hong Kong because there are so many people they will sit you with anyone so don’t expect a private table.

Before we ate we were given chopsticks and a bowl along with some hot water. My friend  instructed me in Hong Kong it is customary to wash your chopsticks in hot water before eating even though the restaurant washes them. The food was absolutely mouth watering. The dim sum and other Hong Kong style cuisine i have tried in any American restaurant did not do it justice. I regret that I did not try as much food as I would like to.

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