Sunday, November 29, 2015

Day 3 Breakfast with a Friend

I woke up with excitement. This was the day I was going to meet not one but two of my pen pals. One for breakfast and the other in Macau also known as Asia LOS VEGAS. I woke up early so I had some time. I had some post cards I wanted to send so i decided to seek out a post office. When I exited my hostel on this day it was pouring out, and I had no umbrella. Luckily in Asia umbrellas are used every where. I walked into the first convenience store I could find (this one happen to be a Circle K) bought a couple of snacks and an umbrella and I was on my way.

This was my first "weekday" in Hong Kong so I was able to witness shops opening up and starting business for the day. Every space was utilized. Garages fixes cars people machining in the streets out of a tiny garage. It was fascinating. The city seemed to come alive slowly even on this dismal day. I wish I had taken more pictures of this but I guess I was too engrossed in my awe of the city.

Navigating the post office seemed simple enough... If i knew where I was going. Even with the use of my phone on GPS I seemed to have difficulty. It didn't bother me though, I was happy to explore these streets.I must of walked up and down the same street a dozen times before I found the post office. After mailing my post cards. I still had time so i continued to wander. Periodically finding WiFi to see if my friend had contacted me .

Tragedy struck when i tried to make my way to the meeting point. I went in the opposite direction!.
I was worried and stressed I wouldn't get to meet her since her time was so short. I took this train and that hurrying as fast as I could my heart pounding that I wouldn't make it.

I made it there right as they were done eating. I was deeply saddened that I didn't get to eat with her. However we sat down somewhere else to let me eat something. She was such a lovely girl and her English was really good and Japanese fantastic. I truly wish I had more time to see her.She lead me towards the Macau ferry and I went on my way to Macau where I was to meet another friend.

Waiting Patiently to the ferry
The Ferry to Macau

It is common to wear a mask in public
in Asia

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