Sunday, November 15, 2015

Day 2 Kowloon

My feet was a battlefield of pain. Every possible inch was covered with blisters. Stupidly I had not packed any mole skin. Since I could not find any in a single drug store my only option was to pop them. I cursed loudly with each blister. It seemed with each blister i drained the pain grew worse and worse. My feet thumped with pain as I staggered to my bunk shortly I drifted off to sleep. As exhausted as I was my body still was not accustomed to the time difference. I again found myself drifting in and out of sleep. It was like I was in a dream to this day it still feels like a dream.

In the morning I did not lay there for an hour like I normally do when I head to work everyday. I got up imminently ready to challenge the new day. This time I was alone. I would not have a guide till later in the day. Nervous as I was I still ventured forth from my hostel. I had no predetermined destination, but i made my way in the direction of the the museums.  

After A quick train-ride I was nearby many of the museums or so google maps said  so. It was another gorgeous day I cannot recall If i had breakfast this morning or if i just got something quick from a convenience store. That was perhaps my most difficult task getting food by myself. I could not speak Cantonese, and traditional characters were still a mystery so I was afraid to walk into a restaurant.

Near the train stop (In Hong Kong they call it the MRT)  was the entrance to a gorgeous park. I had to investigate. This place was known as "Kowloon Park"

It amazed me to see how small the trees 
looked compared to the towering sky scrapers. 

The park was flooded with people using every inch of space they could find. Reading books, having full picnics with delicious delicacies . Although it was crowded it was so quiet when people spoke they did not raise their voices to be heard.

The pavilion to my surprise was packed with people of all different races and cultures. Whole Muslim families gathered here to pray and to have a small picnic with family,something I did not expect to see in Hong Kong. I pictured Myself  living in Hong Kong ,coming here to relax and wander among the trees to escape the bustling city life of Hong Kong. 

Watching abundance of turtles in the pools of this park was particularly relaxing 

Surrounding the park were all these statues of different cartoon characters. Hong Kong much like my own country has a flourishing history of pop culture in comic books and movies

I have always been kind of a nerd when it came to comic book or movie characters, so I found myself giddy like a child looking at each character,pondering what each story could be.

This character in-particular (I can't recall the name)
I found statues of him in multiple places across Kong Kong 

For the next few hours I wandered in the direction of Hong Kong's history Museum going this way an that eventually finding the correct road. I still had not become accustomed to the heat so I was eager to escape into the cool air conditioned museum. 

It was interesting to find a Church in the Middle of
downtown Hong Kong
It was interesting to me how English is one of the recognized languages of Hong Kong, but how few people actually spoke it. In Museums and any tourist destinations I had no problem communicating. Restaurants depending on where they were often had English menus. Just being there made me want to learn Cantonese, I truly wish i had spent some time trying to learn more than just Good Morning "Jou San". I found it somewhat relaxing to no understand at times. Filtering out people's everyday conversations in large cities in america is often a chore for me but here it was almost like calming white noise.



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