Sunday, November 22, 2015

Day 2 Part 2 Hong Kong History Museaum

I found my way to the Hong Kong Museum of History. It amazed me to think of how I used to think of other countries particular Asia. I had always believed America to be the most technologically advanced and the so called best place to live on earth messaged drilled into me since childhood. Coming here opened my eyes. Everything from the public transportation to the design of some of the buildings surpassed all expectations.In a city with such a dense population I am still amazed at how clean everything was. In Boston or any city I have been to in the US there is always garbage laying everywhere plastic bottles here and there, cigarette buts dropped on the ground or even a platic bag blowing in the wind. Here there was nothing like this the buildings looked old yes but it was clean. I rarely found even a trashcan on the side of the road.
Hong Kong Museum of History 

The museum was incredibly modern. Every exhibit was in both English, and Cantonese. It was interesting to see how such a small portion of the far east could have such a big impact on history and with the current events that unfold in our own time. I don't want to sit here and write an essay on history,but the one thing that I took away from this is how diverse this city really was, how many different ethic groups encompassed the area of Hong Kong. One particular group caught my interest
the Boat People or (水上人)Shui Shang Ren. These people spent their whole lives on their ships only coming ashore to fix their boats or get supplies.

After I had finished exploring the museum, I found myself to be hunger, the museum did have it's own restaurant but the price was overpriced I felt. So i found my self walking up and down streets looking for a restaurant that appealed to me. I found it difficult to decide many of the menus posted outside did not have pictures nor did they have English.However I did find that depending on the area you were in they did give me an English menu. I found the most luck in areas around tourist destinations otherwise it was difficult for me to convey what kind of food I wanted.
Hmm I wonder what they sell there

Noodles was always a favorite of mine in Hong Kong

I ordered I ate and then I left. Finding the MTR was the tricky part most days but to be honest most of the time I was find with wandering till I found one. There was always something to amuse me. The way the people walked, the sky scrapping buildings and the rich smell of Cantonese cuisine. Eventually I did get frustrated and asked a door man at a local hotel "MTR?" and he pointed me in the right direction.

Storm Troopers in a store front

I had to make my way towards Forest Hill Station where another friend (who i actually met in Pittsburgh) had agreed to meet me. Compared to driving I found the Hong Kong MTR relaxing. although crowded I found it was easy to understand where I was where I was going and when to get on and off. They were the most technologically advanced subway system I had seen, Bright lights told you which stop you were at and which one was next. There was a voice telling you which stop you were at in both English and Cantonese.

I met my friend at Forest Hill station asking me where do you want to go? This struck me as strange since I really didn't care I wanted to see the local perspective. If I had a friend come to the United States I can instantly think of dozens of places to show my friends and one day I hope I can entertain someone be their guide to America. The only place I knew was the Peak Victoria's Peak.

I regret that for much of the journey I do not have any pictures to share. I guess there were sometimes on my journey where I found my self living in the moment rather than capturing it for other people.
My friend did not want to go to Victoria's Peak over and over he told me "Its not that interesting" or "There's not much to see" .Regardless I wanted to see it,when I had seen pictures of Hong Kong this was the place I saw on pictures.

We took at bus to the peak, up and up it climbed in almost a spiral around the mountain. The winding roads made me a little nauseous. Trees covered most of the journey upward but every now and then there was a break in the trees revealing a glimpse of the city below. I grew more and more anxious. Then finally we made it to the top and what did we find, a Shopping Mall.

A Glimpse at what was to come

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