Thursday, November 26, 2015

Day 2 Part 3 The nightlife of Hong Kong

Victoria's Peak was a tourist trap in short,but that is not to say it isn't worth seeing. We made our way up to the observation deck of the Peak. The peak was crowded with people taking selfies (never have I seen so many Selfie sticks in my life). I found a place and I squeezed myself between the crowds of people to see if I could see this view for myself.

The pictures truly do not do this view justice. For the few moments I was up there. The lights dazzled before my eyes. I was almost deaf to the crowds of people surrounding me.It amazed me how all my friends in Hong Kong told me this city of Hong Kong was small. How could it be small? Look at these towering buildings the dazzling lights. This was no Pittsburgh. Even in this late hour ships went back and forth through the harbor in a harmonic fashion.

It wasn't long until my friend became bored and asked to leave. I found myself slightly annoyed. I wanted to enjoy the view live in the moment.After grabbing a snack we made the long journey back down the mountain. Again we twisted and turned down the snaking road.

 We headed towards a place called Causeway Bay.By the the time we made it back to ground level it was maybe 9:30 10pm and the streets were still teeming with people. We continued to walk down through an area I think was called Lan Kwai Fong. We passed bar after bar filled with a number westerners more than I had seen elsewhere in Hong Kong. We stopped in one bar to meet a couple of my friend's friends. They also spoke English. They were preparing to play some music but I didn't wish to stay long.Part of me looks back wishing I had.  

We continued to walk past what looked like a strip club and another strip club and another. I turned to my friend and said "So this is where all the strip clubs are" A woman I want to say mid 50's sitting outside one of these "Gentleman's clubs" Perked up and barded my path. In perfect English  asked me if I was looking for some fun. I was stunned...I didn't know what to say. All I could think was wow  ... is a hooker offering herself to me. But then i blurted out no no thank you and my friend shooed her off saying something in Cantonese. Part of me felt dirty from this encounter but part of me 
couldn't help but laugh.
I had never been to Times Square before I just wasn't expecting
to see it so far from New York
Finally we made it to Causeway-Bay and all I could say was wow. This was a shoppers paradise. The train stations  stop beneath the malls and across the street from one mall is another mall. Store after store. What is interesting with malls in Hong Kong, there are no barriers between the stores. There is also no sales tax here. So when Chinese want to go shopping they come to Hong Kong. We walked into one mall and it was all electronics. Cheap and good quality products. I didn't have any interesting in buying things but it was an interesting sight to see.

It was 11:30 at this point and people were still filling the streets. They carried shopping bags and still people went in and out of all the stores. Even though this was perhaps the dullest time for me wakling in and out of malls. I still had a smile on my face. The lights, the people everything  this city was so alive even at this hour of the night. I thought to myself I have to move to a city like this be where the people are.

Eventually we parted ways and I made the journey home by myself. Exhausted I fell asleep in minutes after hitting my bunk. I was ready for the next days adventure. For tomorrow I would have breakfast with another friend and travel across the water to meet a long time penpal in Macau

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