Friday, January 1, 2016

The Journey to Taiwan

The journey to Taiwan was an adventure in itself. The airport was crowed and lush with people from all over the globe.People from not just Asia all passing through or stopping in Hong Kong to conduct business. Africans, Americans, Europeans hearing at least a dozen different languages being spoken. This airport was ginormous making even Logan Airport in Boston look tiny. I must have walked over a mile just to get to my gate, even with the help of the moving walkways.

What amused me the most was the glass smoking areas, jam packed with people in a haze of gray smoke filling every inch of the room.  Starved as I was there was no time for me to wait in the obscenely long lines to get food. I settled for a small snack at one of the news stands.

After sitting down in my seat I immediately drifted off into a deep sleep.