Sunday, March 20, 2016

The National Palace Museum

I enjoyed the simplicity of Taipei's transit system. We were always a short walk away from a bus or a train station. You couldn't ask for a cleanlier city. My brother lives in Boston so my experience with big cities has been well Boston. It didn't occur to me till now, how unkempt Boston  really was. In fact all through Asia, Hong Kong , Taiwan, Tokyo, Not a speck of garbage to be seen. No gum hidden under the folds of the seats, Not even graffiti plastered on the side of trains.

Taiwan's Trains were so adorable
A nice change from the Graffiti stained trains I am used to 
I remember one such time my friend and I were waiting for the train and there was a lone cup just sitting on the ground. I guess we have this mentality when it comes to garbage "That's not mine I'm not picking it up" A stranger looked down picked it up and threw it out. This is why the cities are so clean, so many people packed into a small place pitching in.

Some Train stations even have cute artwork like this
Everywhere there seems to be cute characters

We headed back to Taipei,To the National Palace Museum. Although we took many different short bus rides to get there the journey all together was short.It seemed my friend knew Taipei like the back of her hand. It was calming to not worry about which exit to take on the highway, when to stop, all the stress of normal commuting was gone. It made me question would I be happier without a car living in such a convenient area.

We had arrived at perhaps Taiwan's most famous museum. The Royal Palace Museum.

The palace was absolutely gorgeous. The stunning architecture molding into the mountainous that enveloped all of Taiwan. The building was a treasure trove of artifacts, regrettably, cameras were not allowed on the premises. Never before had i seen such ancient objects of historical beauty. Artifacts, dating back to even the Xia Dynasty (2070 – c. 1600 BC). 
It made me reflect on my own country of America how young my country truly was. The artifacts in here many of which were taken from China.China has been around for thousands of years. I do not know much of Chinese history, I want to know more. In school, I was taught nothing of china.
The museum was crowded more crowded than any museum I have ever seen. Shoulder to shoulder I stood with my friend gazing at the artifacts.The rooms dimly lit to keep the artifacts in prime condition. If there is any museum in Taiwan this is the one.

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