Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hot Springs

It was almost too perfect, by this time I had adapted to the subtropical climate of Taiwan, not nearly as humid as Hong Kong  but a nice medium. In the past I have always thought of paradise like Florida, Daytona Beach or perhaps Hawaii. I would have never thought my paradise lay as far east as this tiny Island.

It reads Bei Tou Gong Yuan (Beitou Park)

I remember when I was first planning my journey my parents suggested I get some kind of tour group, since I have never been here before. I never imagined my journey would end up like this. We just sort of wandered there was no stress for me, no itinerary to keep. I wasn't required to be at a certain place otherwise my group would leave without me. 

I couldn't help but admire some of the exotic Lotus Flowers

My friend had never been here either. We wandered around a small park in Beitou,  The  lush plant life surrounded the packed buildings as if they were one in the same, giving  a sense of tranquility. In America I have always felt there is a deep separation between nature and the  bustling metropolis. This was one in the same

I don't know what sprouted first the buildings
Or the trees/
The was a period not so long ago (before World War 2) where Japan occupied Taiwan, during the time the Japanese constructed Onsens (Hot springs) with the use of the natural hot springs in this area. This is what makes Beitou famous.

One of the still Operating Hot Sprints in the Area
I couldn't help but admire the carved stone 

 I did enter a few of the OnSens but these were only museums. It truly felt like I walked into Japan a place I would soon visit.
You aren't allowed to wear your shoes inside so you must
wear these sandals
I admired the authentic straw mats along with the finely etched marble water basins. Looking back now I kind of wished I had some time to relax in a hot spring.

We walked in and out of various museums  taking on and off our shoes each time. I find it funny that the first place I go in Taiwan is a place more attributed to Japanese culture. At one point during the day my friend took me inside a local library just for a minute, I was perplexed ,, why are we in a library. she wanted to get out of the heat just for a second haha.

Eventually we did make it the actual hot-spring. The smell of sulfur hurt my sinuses and the steam from the spring was unbearable.The water  was most peculiar of all it was... green!

The Hot Spring did wonders to my camera lens
fogging it up almost instantly.
We didn't stay long to admire the spring, The added heat of the spring was almost unbearable on a hot Taiwan day such as this. Our day was far from over we headed back to Taipei to one of the most fantastic Museum Exhibits I have ever seen.

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