Sunday, February 14, 2016

Taiwan's Night Market

My mouth watered with anticipation. My stomach empty and desperately required food. The train ride to Shilin night market was quiet and comparable to a night in Boston, then in the distance swarms of people floating like moths towards the glowing neon lights.
Slowly we walked towards the lights

I was awestruck as a thousand smells rushed to my noise a thousand different sounds flowed my ears and every color of the rainbow filled my eyes. Nothing I could have read could of prepared me for this amount of excitement.

Left and right I bought all sorts of snacks trying everything I could get my hands on, corn fruit,fried meats, you name it and i shoveled it down my throat. Everywhere I look my friends would ask me "would you like to try it? How could I say no! It was all so exhilarating. I am amazed at how few photos I took at the Night Market. 

By far my favorite delicacy of Taiwan
Bubble Milk tea (奶茶naicha)

Everyone in Taiwan and everywhere these motorcycles are

Not just delicious delicacies were sold at the night market, clothes, shoes,electronics  you name it they had it.They even had arcades filled with claw grabber machines for children to play. but by far the most amusing aspect of the night market were the carnival games.

 Excited and anxious to try I handed one of the attendants money for a chance to play. Her face gleamed when I handed her such large bills.One by one I popped each balloon the excitement growing. In the end she handed me a small prize, a small key-chain  that flashed police lights when turned on.

Soon I returned to my bunk exhausted my heart flying fluttering with happiness. Ready to see more of this tiny island filled with mystery.

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