Monday, December 14, 2015

Last Day in Hong Kong

This was my final day in Hong Kong the rain had cleared from the previous day. I was both sad and a little excited to leave. To most Hong Kongers this city is small with not much to see as a tourist, but I found 4 days was not enough. I had just become accustomed to life in Hong Kong. I finally felt I was getting used to the flow of the city. I was able to navigate alone unchallenged by the thick weave of streets.

My flight was later in the day, so i had time to explore just a bit more. I headed for the Avenue of Stars, which is located right along Victoria's Harbor facing with Hong Kong Island just across the bay. It was only a short train ride from Kowloon maybe one or two stops.

It was still early in the day when I arrived at the stop closest to the harbor. Because this was a weekday the streets were less crowded than I was used to,so it was kind of peaceful just walking about while everyone was at work for the day.

I found this guy taking a mid morning nap  on part of the art display.

 The harbor was quiet with a steady ambient noise from the construction of a towering skyscraper nearby. I seemed to have gotten used to the obscene heat and humidity of Hong Kong by this point but the breeze coming off the harbor was refreshing.For the first time in my life I felt content calmly watching the boats navigate through the haze of the harbor.
Even in this condensed city new building are still erected 

I went down one way occasionally seeing another group of tourists taking selfies of the harbor.
I remembered how when I begun to plan my trip I had wanted a strict schedule so I could see everything. I would take a few pictures just to say I had been somewhere;This was better. If I have one piece of advice for travels it is this. Don't make plans the best things in life are spontaneous . Sticking to schedules will make you stress and that will only make your travels less enjoyable.

I headed down the other direction of the harbor towards the Avenue of Stars. Hong Kong for those of you don't know has had a history of cinema. Much like Hollywood Hong Kong too showcases their most famous stars on a walk of fame.

Of course Hong Kong's most famous star was ironically American born. Bruce Lee is a name that still lives on today as a pioneer in both the film and martial arts industry. As both a film buff and a student of martial arts, this was a must see for me.

Although this wasn't the most incredible sight i saw on my journey, it still brought a great big smile to my face. I must also point out how difficult it was to get a picture of Bruce Lee with no one taking selfies. Even on a weekday morning people seem to flock to sights such as this just to take a selfie and to say "I was here"

There he is that pig again

Another Favorite of mine Jackie Chan is another
famous actor in Hong Kong Cinema

As a side note I found some interesting signs along this boardwalk,
I sincerely hope this isn't a real problem in Hong Kong

It is a good thing I left my Hawk at home. I would also
like to know how one keeps a hawk in a city of this size

After traveling the length of the boardwalk I made my way into yet another shopping district. I was getting hungry at this point,so i stopped to eat.

I found many restaurants near tourist areas seemed to be good about having English menus. Which was good for me since I cannot read Cantonese. I sat down to have at one of my Hong Kong friends suggestion Kongee an almost rice porridge. Although not as filling as I had hoped it helped settle my already upset stomach.

After eating i wandered around some more in and out of some malls. I found a One Piece 3D Art Museum. One Piece is an anime that is huge all over Hong Kong. Everywhere I saw merchandise related to this or other anime. It was kind of neat, you would go in and take pictures of yourself next to the art and it would look as if you were in the Anime.

 I headed back to Causeway Bay for the last couple hours to get some nick nacks and maybe a book on Cantonese. Otherwise uneventful I made my way back to the Hostel where I packed up.
While packing up I made a friend of  both my host and another fellow from Columbia. I truly wish I had more time to talk to them. They were both fascinating people an artist / hostel owner, and a free lance translator in visa limbo from mainland china.

Like a pack-mule I headed towards the airport ready for my next leg of my journey. I was truly sad that I only had a short time in such a vibrant lively city.

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