Monday, December 7, 2015

Day 3 Macau Part 2

We were on our way to Macau tower. As we waited at a bus stop I noticed how dissimilar the architecture was from Hong Kong it was as if I wasn't even in Asia. Even the people had a different. look to them. Aside from the Chinese writing everywhere I would have never had guessed I was in Asia.

Passing through the city I noticed how extravagant some of the casinos were sadly I did not have the opportunity to go into any of them.  After a short ride. Similar to the space needle in Seattle giving a fantastic view of city and the surrounding mountains. I truly wish the weather had been better.

What fascinated me most about the tower was the number of people who bungee jumped from the top of the tower! My friend and I were awestruck watching them over and over jump from the tower. Something I don't think i had the courage to do.

After circling the top of the tower we went below to see the jumpers jump from the top.

After eating dinner at a local restaurant. She took me back to the ferry to make my way back to Macau. I truly miss her and I wish I had more than one day to spend with her.

 On the way back to Hong Kong the sky began to clear up and I had a wonderful view of the casinos and massive bridges.

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